The Wolverines Prepare For War In 'Red Dawn' Poster

Red Dawn Banner

By Ryan Gowland

Back in September of 2009, the remake of "Red Dawn" started production in Michigan under the direction of first-time helmer Dan Bradley, who had worked as a stunt coordinator and second unit director on three "Bourne" movies, including the upcoming "Bourne Legacy."

The cast was filled with relative unknowns, including Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as the lead, alongside Josh Hutcherson, the most well known of the cast having just appeared in "Journey to the Center of Earth" following performances in "Zathura" and "RV." Expected to arrive in 2010, "Red Dawn" took an unexpected detour which has finally come to an end.

Check out the new poster for "Red Dawn" after the jump!

A victim of MGM's financial issues, "Red Dawn" was put on the shelf until FilmDistrict decided to dust it off last year. The intervening years gave the producers time to change the invading country from China to North Korea, and gave both Hemsworth and Hutcherson time to gain more recognition. The rest of the cast have done well too, with Isabel Lucas playing Athena in last year's "Immortals" and Adriane Palicki scoring roles in an ill-fated "Wonder Woman" pilot and the now-delayed "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

At long last, a new poster for "Red Dawn" has arrived, which could mean that a trailer is not far behind. Hutcherson told MTV News in 2010 that the remake will keep the "American, patriotic feel of the original" which is certainly true of the poster, released by Yahoo!, which highlights its cast standing in front of an American flag and brandishing plenty of machine guns.

Red Dawn Poster

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