Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem Assemble In New 'Skyfall' Poster


Another day, another reason to be excited about the upcoming release of "Skyfall." Well, today is a special day because we have not one, not two, but five brand new character posters from the 23rd adventure of James Bond.

The film's Facebook page posted a brand new banner that features Daniel Craig as Bond, Javier Bardem as the villainous Silva, Berenice Marlohe as new Bond girl Severine and Naomie Harris as Eve, all set against the backdrop of the 007 logo. Later, the banner was cut into four individual character posters that feature each previously mentioned character.

We love the way the posters show the differentiation of all these various characters. Craig's Bond is just as cool, calm and collected as we've come to know him, wearing a midnight blue suit and sporting his signature handgun. Similarly, Marlohe's Severine is all curves and sex appeal, like any good Bond girl is. That dress would do Angelina Jolie proud!

But it's with Bardem's Silva and Harris's Eve that things get interesting. Silva's black trench coat and high turtleneck might seem like a stereotypical villain outfit in our post-"The Matrix" culture, but we've learned from the previously released trailers that he'll be anything but. Bardem's addition to the "James Bond" film franchise has been exciting since it was announced, as he could prove to be the most interesting and complex villain the series has ever known. Fingers crossed.

Similarly, Harris's Eve is not the typical Bond girl that we've come to know, though outfit does remind us of Michelle Yeoh's character in "Tomorrow Never Dies." Hopefully she'll be able to transcend just playing the love interest in this movie and offer something more interesting and action-packed.

"Skyfall" is due in theaters on November 9.

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