Exclusive 'Jaws' Blu-ray Clip Reveals How Much The Cast Ad-Libbed

In honor of Uniersal's 100th anniversary, many of their classics are getting Blu-ray treatment, but none of their releases compares to the HD version of the mother of all blockbusters, "Jaws."

The new release of Steven Spielberg's first mega-hit packs a full restoration, in addition to four hours of bonus features and an all new feature-length documentary "The Shark Is Still Working."

To celebrate the release, we have an exclusive clip from that documentary. In it, the cast recalls improvising scenes on set while they waited for the shark to be ready.

One memorable scene in particular came straight out of those ad-libbing sessions. As Roy Scheider recalls in the clip, he had been sitting between takes with his young co-star Jay Mello, who played Brody's son Sean, when the boy started mimicking him. Scheider found the game so charming that he convinced Spielberg to include it.

The Blu-ray edition of "Jaws" hits shelves on August 14.