Shia LaBeouf Becomes A 'Nymphomaniac' For Lars Von Trier

Sad Shia

Lars von Trier is going erotic in his new film, and this time Shia LaBeouf plans to follow him.

According to a new scoop from The Hollywood Reporter, LaBeouf is in talks for the "Melancholia" director's upcoming two-part erotic thriller "Nymphomaniac," which will begin shooting next month. It's unclear how large LaBeouf's role will be, but Charlotte Gainsboroug and Stellan Skarsgard already are cast as the two leads and Nicole Kidman—who worked with von Trier on "Dogville"—has hinted that she has a small role in the project as well.

"Nymphomaniac" tells the story of a woman (Gainsboroug) and her erotic adventures from her youth to age 50, as told by her husband (Skarsgard). Our guess would be that LaBeouf is playing one of the men she meets during her life.

LaBeouf has been pushing himself as an actor more and more with each role he takes, so we're not surprised that he's opted for a von Trier movie. Now that he's done with the "Transformers" franchise and "Indiana Jones 5" likely won't be happening soon, he has a whole new world of film opportunities out there. Sometimes it's hard to remember that LaBeouf got his start on the Disney Channel show "Even Stevens."

For the time being, LaBeouf's schedule is clear. His two forthcoming indies, "Lawless" and "The Company You Keep," are wrapped and headed to domestic release and international film festivals this month, respectively. His other project, "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman," recently wrapped production as well. And this isn't the first time LaBeouf has gone erotic in recent months. Let's just say he shares more than just his feelings in the music video Sigur Ros made for their song "Fjögur píanó."

Honestly, we're excited to see what LaBeouf is capable of. Von Trier seems like the right director to see how far the former child star can go with a role.

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