Jeremy Renner Is Just Happy He Didn't Hurt Himself On 'Bourne Legacy'

One of the action centerpieces from "The Bourne Legacy" was also featured in many of the trailers. In it, stars Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz tear through downtown Manila on a motorcycle and eventually—wait for it—grind down a railing on it.

When MTV News sat down with Renner and director Tony Gilroy, they shared their experiences making the 45-minute action sequence.

"I'm happy that I didn't get injured," Renner said. "I'm pretty proud of that, because I did a lot of work to not get injured."

Gilroy explained that the nature of the sequence didn't allow for them to use many of the tricks from modern action movies. "The trick with the motorcycle chase and the whole chase is it's taking place in Manila, on the streets in real time in a real environment," Gilroy said. "You're not on a set, you're not anyplace else, you can't hide. You don't control anything, so it's like the fifth dimension of difficulty on there, and we were there for months shooting all that on the streets. To make that month happen, you have some people that are [on location] six and seven months beforehand getting stuff ready, building rigs, doing stuff, clearing permits. ... It's a military kind of operation."

Renner favored the more hands-on aspects of the action. "Outside of that, I really enjoyed the hand-to-hand [fight sequences], the stuff you cannot fake, the stuff that cameras can't do any trickery to make look better or worse," he said. "So that's where I put a lot of time spent as well, into the hand-to-hand stuff. It's a great way to sort of work out and not have to work out."

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