Learn The Recipes For Your Favorite Movies In Dailies!

Sometimes to make a movie, all you need is the right ingredients. A pinch of tension, a dash of serial murders, and you have yourself a horror movie. These recipe cards should help you remember.

Also, Reese Witherspoon hides behind a beard, and meet Edward Kid-scissor Hands in today’s Dailies!

&#187 We’re not so sure about the Spaghetti Western one, but these other movie recipes are pretty accurate. [Jest]

&#187 This Meryl Streep matrix is incredibly helpful in your everyday life. [Vulture]

&#187 This NSFW trailer for “The Loft” starring Karl Urban and James Marsden is filthy. [Collider]

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&#187 Reese Witherspoon will star in a comedy called “The Beard” about a girl who dates a gay guy to help hide his true sexual orientation. [The Playlist]

&#187 Check out these kids as famous movie characters. [Vulture]

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