Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is Still John McClane's Daughter In 'Die Hard 5'

Die Hard

It's a good day to die hard, especially for Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

We'd been wondering if the "Live Free or Die Hard" star would come back in the forthcoming "Die Hard" movie considering "A Good Day To Die Hard" focuses on John McClane (Bruce Willis) reconnecting with his son Jack (Jai Courtney).

News first broke of Winstead's involvement when extra Ted Cross made a blog post about working with the young actress on set (via Bleeding Cool). The post has since been deleted, but fortunately we still have the text of Cross's big admission.

"The best, though, was that I got to work with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Willis’s daughter," Cross said of his experience playing a CIA man in the movie. "I’ve had a crush on her ever since she was the lead actress in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. That’s a terrific movie if you haven’t seen it yet."

We have seen it, and we agree with you, Cross. But somehow we doubt that you were supposed to let the world know that Winstead is back for round two. Fortunately Moviehole nabbed some new photos showing Winstead on set with Willis, so you're off the hook a bit for now. In the images, Winstead can be seen dropping -- or picking up -- her father from the airport.

It has long been known that "A Good Day To Die Hard" will head to Russia, so it's unclear just how big a role Winstead has to play. We have a feeling she's dropping McClane off here, and hopefully will be reunited with her brother Jack later on in the movie. Who knows, maybe she'll even get in on the action again!

"A Good Day To Die Hard" is slated to hit theaters on February 14, 2013.

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