Jason Bateman Tweets First Photo Of 'Arrested Development' Filming

Arrested Development

Thank you, Jason Bateman, for being our inside look into the set of "Arrested Development." The star of the series has been keeping us up to date on the status of the show, even tweeting pictures of the half-completed sets last week.

Now he has surpassed himself. With the fourth season of "Arrested Development" starting to film yesterday, Bateman posted an image to confirm to fans that everything was going smoothly. "First day. Away we go..." he tweeted.

As you can see above, the image shows the counter at an airport check-in location. And though they may be hard to pick out, the scene also includes "Workahloics" stars Anders Holm and Adam DeVine as two men manning the counter. So what could Michael be doing there? And how does this work in the realm of the story?

Considering we know the title of the first episode of "Arrested Development's" fourth season is called "Michael," it seems safe to assume that it will catch us up on Michael Bluth's life. It wouldn't surprise us to find out that Michael had taken on an honest job at an airport now that he's away from his conniving family, though we have a feeling something will soon happens that draws Michael back into the Bluth fold. Those images Bateman previously tweeted of the model home and Lucille Bluth's apartment weren't created for the fun of it, after all.

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