'Bourne Legacy' Director Wrote Fake Script For Auditions

When it comes to big-budget summer tent poles, you can't just make a movie anymore. You have to protect it from spies, leaks, and spoilers. For "The Bourne Legacy," writer-director Tony Gilroy couldn't just hand out pages of the script for actors to audition; the secrets could get out. As he told MTV News, he had to write pages upon pages of a fake screenplay to keep his actual scenes close to the vest.

"You go through your whole [career] as a writer, and all you want is for people to read your script. 'Please read my script, please read my script!' " Gilroy said. "And then I end up on this movie after 30 years, and no one is allowed to read the script. It's in a safe that the department heads have to come and check out. It's really crazy."

That level of secrecy is what led to the fake screenplay for auditions. "The weirdest thing, I had to write fake scenes for actors to audition," Gilroy said. "I ended up almost having to write a parallel script, much more than I ever thought, lots of different scenes, so we could have people come in and audition and not blow the movie. That's another new odd facet of mega-moviemaking."

None of this should be new for star Jeremy Renner. He's had his fair share of secret-keeping on projects like "The Avengers." As it turns out, keeping the "Bourne" secrets ended up being an easier time.

" 'The Avengers' was pretty intense. This one was small in a lot of ways," Renner said, comparing his two big movies this year. "We were in a studio here [in Los Angeles] and out in the middle of nowhere, out in the Rockies. It wasn't until we were shooting in Manila and surrounded by thousands and thousands of people being spectators that you had to be protective, but not nearly as much as with 'Avengers.' I guess it was more so the script and trying to keep that under wraps and protect the franchise."

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