Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen Star In 'Scary Movie 5'

Sheen Lohan

From TV to the "Scary Movie" franchise? That seems to be the route that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are taking to continue the reboot of their Hollywood careers.

It turns out that both celebrities have taken roles in the upcoming movie "Scary Movie 5." E! Online has the news, reporting that Sheen will reprise his role as Tom Logan, while Lohan is playing an unannounced character. We're not quite sure how either actor will fit into the movie's larger story, but we're just hoping they share some screen time together.

Malcolm Lee is directing "Scary Movie 5", and we're interested to see what he will bring to the franchise. He'll be teaming up with "Scary Movie 3" and "4" writer and director David Zucker (also responsible for the "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" franchises), who is writing and producing this film. We can only imagine what array of horror films they will pull from to satirize this time around.

Lohan and Sheen have both recently turned to television to revive their careers. Lohan is starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick," while Sheen's "Anger Management" on FX has proved that he's not too jaded to poke fun at himself. Hopefully Lohan can take on a more legitimate role in "Scary Movie 5" than just playing a caricature of herself, which she likely would have been relegated to in years past.

At least both Sheen and Lohan are going be in somewhat of the same mind frame when they start filming this movie. After all, Lohan took the first step in her career revival in 2010's "Machete," and Sheen has landed a role in its forthcoming sequel, "Machete Kills." Robert Rodriguez must be feeling like a proud papa right now, considering his hand in helping out this duo's respective film careers.

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