'Total Recall,' 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,' And More: Double Feature Friday!

Colin Farrell

This week in theaters, Colin Farrell forgets his memories of Bruges, the Wimpy kid sticks up a bank, and we try to get back to the City of God.

Check out all of this week's pairings in Double Feature Friday!

"Total Recall" & "In Bruges"

While the remake of "Total Recall" may not be worth more than a Sunday afternoon viewing on basic cable, leading man Colin Farrell once again proves his worth as an under-rated leading man. The prime example of this untapped talent is 2008's "In Bruges." Though it had a limited release initially, the Martin McDonaugh crime film snagged an Oscar nomination for its screenplay and gathered a cult following with its video release. Farrell has the ability to add real human emotion to just about anything he does—as evident with his less than fleshed out "Total Recall" character—but "In Bruges" gave him the opportunity to work with sharp writer, resulting in a modern classic.

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days" & "Dog Day Afternoon"

Forget about the "Wimpy Kid" sequel. All you need to know about is Sidney Lumet's brilliant bank robbery-gone-wrong drama, "Dog Day Afternoon." In all likelihood, you've probably seen this story of a man driven to desperate measures in order to fund his lover's gender reassignment surgery. As we enter the dog days of summer, take a look back at the classic as a reminder of what Al Pacino used to do before "Jack & Jill."

"360" & "City of God"

Director Fernando Meirelles has lost his way a bit. The Brazillian director burst onto American movie radars with his Oscar nominated work on "City of God." He then followed it up with his English language debut, the superb "Constant Gardner." Since then, he has helmed two films, 2008's "Blindness" and "360," opening this week. Both films received unanimous pans, but "City of God" and "Constant Gardner" stand as two of the best films of the previous decade.

"The Babymakers" & "George Washington

Before staring in movies made by the Broken Lizard dudes, Paul Schneider acted in films made by his college buddy, director David Gordon Green. Their first feature film, "George Washington," remains a beautiful example of independent moviemaking. In the movie, things get terribly out of hand when a group of children come together to cover up an accidental tragedy.

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