Life-Size WALL-E Robot Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today


One of the main reason's "WALL-E" remains one of the most beloved Pixar movie is undoubtedly the character design of the adorable main character. The animation house managed to make Earth's last working robot easy to root for as he attempted to court his iPod-like counterpart, EVE.

Now a man in California has brought WALL-E back to the 21st century. Mike Senna spent the last two years scouring the movie for every last detail in order to make his very own working, life-size WALL-E robot.

See WALL-E in action after the jump!

Senna had previously built a working replica of R2-D2, which he would take to public appearances to wow kids. He decided to make WALL-E his next build after careful consideration.

(via Yahoo!)

It took 25 extra hours of work a week, on top of his normal job, for Senna to finish WALL-E, but the results, as you can see in the video, really hold up. They also make us want our own really, really badly.

Thanks to /Film for the heads up!

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