Snoop Dogg Gets 'Reincarnated' In New Doc Trailer

Snoop Lion
By Ashleigh Schmitz

Snoop Dogg Lion's new documentary "Reincarnated" is headed for the Toronto International Film Festival next month, but you can get a look at the reincarnation in this trailer for the film, released yesterday. In it, Snoop reveals the events that led up to his recent trip to Jamaica, where he fully immersed himself in the Rastafarian culture.

Leaving rap icon persona Snoop Dogg behind, Calvin Braudus becomes Snoop Lion, embracing all aspects of the culture, especially Reggae music. In the trailer, Snoop says, "I don't mean no disrespect, I'm tired of rap... Rastafari called me," and from those words, Reggae artist Snoop Lion is born.

The new Snoop, has a new single, "La La La," from his new album, also titled "Reincarnated," to complete the transformation to Snoop Lion. The Lion describes his vision for the album saying, "I want to do a record, a whole record, no rapping." Based on his documentary and album, this is a completely different side to the former rap artist that's here to stay.

Head over to RapFix for more information on Snoop's transformation, why he was called to a Rastafarian lifestyle, and his new genre of music.

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