Exclusive 'Celeste And Jesse Forever' Clip: Three's An Awkward Crowd

Usually when an on-screen couple goes through a divorce, it's a messy affair at the beginning of the movie that set the characters free to find themselves or liberates them from an unhealthy relationship. In "Celeste and Jesse Forever," Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg try the best they can to stay what they've always been, best friends.

The Sundance Film Festival hit opens in select theaters on Friday, but today, we have an exclusive and wonderfully awkward clip from the film.

In the clip, Celeste (Jones) goes on a date with Max, played by "Mad Men"'s Rich Sommer. Things seem to be going okay, that is until Jesse (Samberg) shows up to say "hello."

"Celeste and Jesse Forever" opens in limit release on August 3.

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