'Avatar' Sequel Won't Come Before 2015, Says James Cameron

Avatar 2

James Cameron still plans to bring us sequels to "Avatar," but we won't be seeing them any time soon.

In an interview with The New York Times, Cameron admitted that "Avatar 2" likely won't be ready for theatrical release until at least 2015, which is close to the estimation producer Jon Laundau made earlier this year. Cameron is currently writing the scripts for "Avatar 2," "3" and potentially "4," though the NYT writes that a fourth film isn't a guarantee yet.

Cameron plans to finish the scripts when he moves his family to New Zealand in the fall. He also tells the NYT that he'll likely shoot much of the film in Peter Jackson's Wellington production studio and complete many of the visual effects at Jackson's Weta Digital. The motion capture work will still be done in California.

"Avatar" came out in 2009, and Twentieth Century Fox likely wanted a sequel—if it was coming—to be released sooner. But considering "Avatar" is the top-grossing film of all time with a $2.7 billion worldwide box office gross and took Cameron 15 years to complete, we'd argue that he should take as much time as he needs with the project.

Unless his plans have since changed, Cameron has said that "Avatar 2" will take place in Pandora's oceans and show us more of the planet's environments. We've also heard that he plans to shoot the "Avatar" sequels back-to-back, though that hasn't been confirmed and it's still unclear how many sequels there will be. At least we know he's committed to making these movies, since Cameron recently said that he'll only be making "Avatar" movies from now on.

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