Exclusive 'Nitro Circus 3D' Clip: Nail Or Fail?

By Ashleigh Schmitz

From the MTV show "Nitro Circus" comes "Nitro Circus 3D." The TV show that went there with ridiculous stunts is now a 3-D film. In this exclusive clip, take a peak at one particular stunt involving an inner tube, a ramp and a human pyramid. We won't ruin it for you – and neither will the clip – because you have to see the film to know how it ends, but based on the inner tube's trajectory, it doesn't look good for the person in the middle of the pyramid.

If you're dying for a spoiler, check out the trailer. In it you'll see the conclusion of that scenario as well as a number death- and gravity-defying tricks from riding a bike from the top of one skyscraper and onto another to aerobatic car flips and crashes.

Since the show ended after two seasons, the "Nitro Circus" gang, led by Travis Pastrana, seems to have stockpiled their stunts, making them bigger and more jaw-dropping than ever before. Big enough, in fact, that they're adding a third dimension. Whereas before the shenanigans were contained to your TV screen, now they'll be leaping out of the silver screen.

VMAs 2018