Michael Cera Tours 'Arrested Development' Sets

Michael Cera Arrested Development

The new season of "Arrested Development" is happening. We mean actually, for real happening. Last week, Ron Howard tweeted out a picture of the first script, which was a nice sign of progress but not close enough to making new episodes a reality.

Then today, Jason Bateman tweeted out two pictures of the under-construction set with a familiar face taking a tour. Yep, that's George Michael himself (not the famous singer-songwriter), Michael Cera walking around the model home and Lucille's apartment. Oh the memories!

Check out the full pictures after the jump!

Bateman tweeted out the two pictures with the captions "My son, arriving yesterday" and "A grandson, looking for his Gangee," which get us excited, but not nearly as pumped as we are to see Cera resting his hands on his back and closing his eyes for one picture in ways that couldn't be more George Michael.

Arrested Development Cera

Arrested Development Cera

This may actually, really happen.

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