Exclusive 'The Good Doctor' Clip: Orlando Bloom Goes Bad

When a movie has a title like "The Good Doctor," you can expect one of two things. Either, the title is earnest, and the film will be the story of a man or woman just striving to do good and help the community. Or, it's the opposite. The new film starring Orlando Bloom falls firmly in the latter category.

Today, MTV Movies Blog has an exclusive clip from the film, and in it, we get to see the kind of trouble this supposedly good doctor gets himself into.

Check out the clip above, and learn more about the film after the jump!

"The Good Doctor" tells the twisted story of a power-hungry med student (Bloom) that is the kind of doctor you want to keep away. In the clip above, he switches one of his patient's kidney medicine with sugar in order to keep her ill and coming back to him.

"The Good Doctor" is available on VOD and iTunes today and opens in theaters on August 31.

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