'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Wants To Do A Western Next

Vince Gilligan

As "Breaking Bad" moves on toward its destined-to-be-horrific ending, we're awaiting eagerly to see how thing work out for Walter White, but we're probably just as curious about what the show's mastermind, Vince Gilligan, will move onto next.

At the Saturn Awards, the fine fellows from Collider talked with Gilligan about where he'll set his sights after saying good-bye to Mr. White. His answer couldn't have pleased us more.

He wants to do a "pullout-all-the-stops Western." Sold.

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We frankly love the idea, and Gilligan seems eager to further explore the genre.

"I would love to do a Western. And in fact I think of Breaking Bad as a Western in a great many senses. We shoot in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. The enormous skies with the beautiful cumulus clouds and the stark desert landscapes make me think of 'America,' " Gilligan told Collider. " Indeed [Billy the Kid], one of the most famous western outlaws of American history, his stomping grounds were New Mexico. And apparently Jesse James made his way out there at some point. There's also all this marvelous Western history that takes place in the Southwest and in large part in New Mexico. I feel lucky that we shoot there and I'd love after this is all over just to do a full-out, pullout-all-the-stops Western."

At this point, we would pretty much blindly follow Gilligan where ever he chooses to go next, but the idea of a Western from him only make it easier.

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