'The Words' Featurette Gives Clearer Idea Of The Film's Focus

The Words

By Ashleigh Schmitz

"The Words" may be a cautionary tale about plagiarism, but it looks to be an enchanting one filled with moral dilemma. In this new featurette (via Yahoo! Movies) for the film, which premiered at Sundance last January and will be released on September 7, the cast opens up about the script.

The featurette shows much of the same footage we saw in the trailer, but gives us a better understanding of how the plot may unfold. Dennis Quaid was hooked early, saying, "It's such a great script. By page 20, I wanted to do the movie and I hadn't even gotten to my character yet."

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As Ben Barnes explains, "It's a clever story shared between different sets of characters that eventually come together." Until we see the film we won't know for sure, but it seems as though the three stories mirror each other with a symmetry that will either be mesmerizing or a sense of déjà vu.

At the core of the film, Bradley Cooper's character, Rory Jansen, is a struggling writer who finds success when he publishes a manuscript that is not his own. It all revolves around this idea of 'what price would you pay to achieve success?'" Cooper said. The mantra for the film comes at the end of the featurette when Jeremy Irons' character, the hijacked manuscript's author, says "We all make choices in life the, the hard thing is to live with them."

"The Words" opens on September 7.

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