'Arrest Development' Script Shows Up On Ron Howard's Twitter

Arrested Development

Here are the facts: the first episode of "Arrested Development's" fourth season will be called "Michael," and it has been written, or at least partially. How do we know this? Because Ron Howard has tweeted visual proof of it.

"Very very funny :-) Lots of lines for the narrator too!" he tweeted with the picture above.

Hopefully we'll get to see Howard in person as well, considering the very last scene of "Arrested Development"'s final episode shows Alia Shawkat's Maeby Bluth pitching her family's story to him as a TV series. He tells her he can't see it working on television, but "maybe a movie." It was thanks in part to that fingers-crossed mentality that we have the new season being made for Netflix, so hopefully creator Mitch Hurwitz gives a nod to the character of Howard in the upcoming season by having him return in addition to reprising his role as the narrator.

It's interesting that the title of this episode is "Michael," because that hearkens back to the original plan for the series. Hurwitz said initially that each episode of this 10-episode-long fourth season would focus on a different character to catch the audience up on their lives in anticipation of a feature film. Last we heard, that plan had been scrapped and the movie isn't happening (at least, not yet), but maybe Hurwitz liked the idea of seeing what each character was up to individually anyways.

Filming on "Arrested Developments" fourth season is set to begin in two weeks, though we still find it hard to believe that this show actually being resurrected (hooray!). There's no set release date for the new season yet, but we do know that Netflix is going to be releasing all 10 episodes in one fell swoop at some point next year.

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