'The Lone Ranger' Set Video Shows Johnny Depp's Tonto Up Close

Lone Ranger

By Ashleigh Schmitz

If one thing is for sure after seeing the official image for Disney's "The Lone Ranger" and this windy set video (via Collider), it's that Johnny Depp will be almost completely unrecognizable beneath a tapestry of makeup for his role as Tonto. Though when comparing the two media something is noticeably missing from his ensemble in this video compared to the one we see in the official image: the dead bird perched atop his head.

In interviews Depp talked about crafting Tonto's look after a Kirby Sattler painting, headdress and all, telling Entertainment Weekly he "looked at the face of this warrior and thought: that's it." Not a stranger to makeup (who can forget his eyeliner as Captain Jack Sparrow?), Depp's face is caked with white and black face paint in this first close up of his character.

Check out the video after the jump!

The film, which is set for a May 2013 release, will see Tonto in less of a sidekick role than the original television series portrayed him as. A big focus of Depp's for the movie was to "reinvent the relationship [between the Lone Ranger and Tonto], to attempt to take some of the ugliness thrown on the Native Americans, not only in 'The Lone Ranger', but the way Indians were treated throughout history of cinema, and turn it on its head."

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