'The Bourne Legacy' Featurette Explains Jason Bourne Connection

The Bourne Legacy

The "Bourne" franchise might not plan on returning to Matt Damon's Jason Bourne any time soon, but that doesn't mean "The Bourne Legacy" has forgotten its origins.

Universal Pictures has released a new featurette for the upcoming movie, out August 10, that details the connections between "The Bourne Legacy" and the three "Bourne" films that came before it. We already know that Bourne will have some sort of presence in "Legacy" even though we don't actually meet him, but we didn't realize how closely this movie is tied to "The Bourne Ultimatum" until now.

It turns out that "The Bourne Legacy" is supposed to be taking place at the same time that "The Bourne Ultimatum" did. So when we see images of Jason Bourne pop up in the trailers for this flick, it's because the Outcome officials are trying to contain that crisis at the same time that they're dealing with Aaron Cross. Apparently the repercussions of Treadstone's connection to Bourne going public have a direct influence on the way the folks at Outcome treat Cross.

"We wanted to create a larger conspiracy," director Tony Gilroy said. "The Treadstone program that you saw was only one program."

Producer Frank Marshall added, "Jason Bourne isn’t the only agent that's out there."

The bulk of this featurette focuses on showing off "The Bourne Legacy's" many, many fight scenes, another element of this movie that stays true to the ones that came before. But if the plot of "Legacy" really is as closely entwined with the three previous "Bourne" films as this teaser suggests, than we're a lot more interested than we initially were.

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