Get More Mike From 'Breaking Bad' In Dailies!

Mike Breaking Bad

The newest episode of "Breaking Bad" was somewhat of a special episode for everyone's favorite grandfatherly killer, Mike. The man behind the gun, Jonathan Banks, gave a great interview to Rolling Stone about the latest episode, so check it out if you want to know what's in store for Mr. Ehrmantraut.

Also, Bryan Cranston looks young, and "The Three Little Pigs" get the "Batman Begins" treatment in today's Dailies!

» If Sunday's episode of "Breaking Bad" didn't give enough Mike, check out Jonathan Banks' interview with Rolling Stone. [Rolling Stone]

» We may finally have a definitive answer to what happened at the end of "Lost." Sawyer became a dance team coach. [Sony Pictures]

» I was really hoping that Martin Scorsese's Siri commercial would take a dark turn. "Siri, did you f--- my wife?" [Screen Crush]

» All 3-D movies are the same. Here's the proof. [/Film]

» Jonah Hill says "21 Jump Street" sequel script is on its way and shooting will begin in September 2013. [Collider]

» Before he broke bad, Bryan Cranston was a bisexual adulterer on the Lifetime Network. [Reddit]

» Some guys made a feature-length modernization of "The Three Little Pigs." It's totally bizarre, but undeniably hypnotic. [Vulture]

» We're not quite done discussing those "Man of Steel" teasers, so here are four more talking points to dissect. [The Week]

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