'Gangster Squad' Loses Theater Scene Following Colorado Shooting

Gosling gangster

Following the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" Friday, Warner Bros. has opted to remove and reshoot some major scenes in their upcoming Los Angeles crime movie "Gangster Squad."

Variety has confirmed the Los Angeles Times' initial report that Warner will be scrapping the "Gangster Squad" scene where a group of the film's titular gangsters storm a movie theater with machine guns and kill many of those in attendance. That scene is depicted in "Gangster Squad's" trailer -- which, unfortunately, was being screened before "The Dark Knight Rises" -- and WB was quick to yank it from theaters on Friday as well.

In addition to losing that scene, Variety says that some other parts of the movie will be reshot as well, at least according to their source. At this point, it doesn't seem like "Gangster Squad" will be delayed from its September 7 release date. Warner Bros has not made an official statement about the matter yet.

This ultimately just amounts to bad timing for the Ruben Fleischer period drama, though Warner Bros is clearly making the right move going forward.

Variety reports that, like at Warner Bros, TV executives made sure to pull any TV episodes or movies that might be airing that have scenes that could be related back to the Aurora massacre. We're glad everyone in Hollywood is being so careful during such a sensitive time. Warner Bros is likely very glad right now that Batman has such an anti-gun stance in "The Dark Knight Rises," considering how violent that film is.

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