Kenneth Branagh Says 'Screw It,' Casts Himself As 'Jack Ryan' Villain

Branagh Pine Jack Ryan

Back in March, "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh entered talks to head to the mother Russia to helm the latest movie featuring Tom Clancy's hero Jack Ryan. With Chris Pine already locked in the starring role, it seemed that the troubled production, which had just lost Jack Bender as director, would finally see the green light.

Well, Branagh and Pine are one step closer, according to Variety. The trade is reporting that Branagh will also pull double duty, taking on the role of the main villain in the next Jack Ryan movie.

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The story of Jack Ryan for this latest look into his life of international intrigue finds him in Moscow, working for an employer with some nefarious plans. His goal is to destroy the U.S. economy by devaluing the dollar. Ryan must fight against his old boss to save his country and his girlfriend.

We'll go ahead and assume there's more to this plot than the fate of the U.S. economy, because we're not sure how Ryan's girlfriend is involved with this Goldfinger-inspired plot.

That's right. If you've been following our Bond-a-Thond, you may recognize this plot as the same one Auric Goldfinger had when he wanted to blow up Fort Knox. It didn't exactly work out for him, but maybe Branagh's villain will have better luck this time around.

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