'Looper' Official Website Just As Twisty As Trailers

Looper Gordon-Levitt

By Meg Malone

Yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be coming to theaters this weekend as John Blake in "The Dark Knight Rises," but we're already looking forward to meeting his character, Joe, when "Looper" hits theaters in September.

The official website for "Looper" is now up and running (thanks to ComingSoon.net for the tip!) and clicking "Enter the Site" conjures up an interactive layout that's as mind-bendy-cool as the movie's time-travel premise. If you're not yet caught up to speed on the plot, basically Gordon-Levitt's character is a "looper," who does hits for the future-dwelling mob by killing individuals they send back in time to him. Things get real messy though when the target that gets sent back — and he lets escape — is his future self (as played by Bruce Willis).

By continuously scrolling up or down on the interactive site, you are transported in different directions throughout the numerous sections. Various images of clocks, maps and gun smoke provide scenery connecting each one as you meander through to the sounds of a haunting, ominous soundtrack. Different components fold in on themselves and expand as you scroll — if that doesn't entirely make sense, you just have to go try and take a look for yourself. Alternatively, if you are easily confused like myself, a handy menu button in the top left corner can direct you in a more streamlined fashion.

There's a whole host of information to scan through including the usual fare, like a synopsis, trailers and some still images. For those trying to brush up on the Looper-universe, there's also some lingo definitions peppered throughout the site and some games that are supposed to be up and running in the near future. Perhaps the most intriguing thing though is the option to enter the "Looper Network" if you scroll to the ends of the site. If you click "Join Now", you will see that this part of the site is also coming soon, but color us intrigued because I am definitely feeling beckoned to "Access The Future" and I assume get some kind of firsthand look at Looper life.

Both Gordon-Levitt and Willis have spoken highly about writer-director Rian Johnson and the film in general, so between the positive cast chatter and some info on "Looper" from the Sony Panel at Comic-Con this past weekend, the anticipation for this film at Movies Blog is running high.

You can bet we'll be refreshing the official website so once the "Looper Network" opens, we can go all in. "Looper" opens on September 28.

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