'21 Jump Street' Sequel To Begin Filming In The Fall

21 Jump Street

If you've seen "21 Jump Street," then you probably already know why a sequel was put into development before the movie even hit theaters. Now we have the news that this year's hit comedy will have a follow-up start filming before the year's end.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned from Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad that the plan is to start shooting "21 Jump Street 2" in the fall. That's actually great news, because we're definitely looking forward to seeing Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's slightly incompetent cops be good at what they do for once.

When we spoke to co-screenwriter Michael Bacall back in March, he said that he was already in meetings developing a good concept for a sequel.

"All I can really say is that I’m working on it. I met with Jonah and Channing and all the producers and executives and yeah, we’re looking to get it going as quickly as possible. I’m about to start the draft," he said. "I think if you’ve watched ['21 Jump Street'], by the end you’ll have a pretty good idea where the sequel takes place."

Becall did promise that there would be more high profile cameos in this movie, but we wouldn't expect Johnny Depp to make another one (you know, considering he died after his reveal in "21 Jump Street"). Or if there is, expect it to be freaking awesome.

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