'The Master' Teaser Poster Makes A Splash

The Master Poster

By Meg Malone

While we're excited to see Philip Seymour Hoffman take on his newly cast role in "Catching Fire," we're also intrigued by his upcoming film "The Master," especially since a new poster hit the web yesterday. The image was released via an exclusive from The Huffington Post.

Thoughts on this partially submerged imagery? The curvature shading in the poster and the sweat on the top portion are nice touches on the bottle look. In "The Master" trailer focusing on Joaquin Phoenix's character, Freddie Sutton, (you can watch at the movie's official website), we already know "drinking and dancing" was part of the lead-up to some incident so a bottle calls that to mind. Additionally, the wet direction of the poster also makes me think of those scenes in the trailer along the ocean as well.

Check out the full poster after the jump!

In "The Master," Hoffman portrays Lancaster Dodd, a religious leader and a man of many hats as he points out in the trailer. Dodd takes Freddie, whose life is not all that together, under his wing — though the trailers seem to show that relationship becoming a bit rocky. Paul Thomas Anderson is directing and Amy Adams also rounds out the impressive core cast. As the Huffington Post pointed out, rumors (albeit denied ones) have circulated that the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard provided the basis for the film.

The Master

In any case, I dig the murky look of the poster because so far that's how I've felt watching the trailers, trying to piece together everything that's going on, but never achieving full clarity (and I mean this in the best possible way). Though it says the more general "this fall" on the poster, "The Master" is slated for an October 12 release.

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