'Arrested Development' Movie Will Probably Feature Mae Whitman's Ann

If the latest rumors about the "Arrested Development" movie are true—as started via Twitter by Jason Bateman himself – then we are very close to the first official day of filming of the highly-anticipated and long-delayed production.

In an effort to temper our excitement over the fact that the movie is actually happening, anytime MTV News encounters any of the series' stars we ask them for their thoughts on the project and what they know about the movie, which is exactly what went down when we encountered the criminally underrated, multi-talented Mae Whitman (aka George Michael's uber-Christian girlfriend Ann) recently at Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con bash.

"My dream scenario is just that everybody gets brought back, every loose end is somehow incorporated because there were so many loose ends and what makes that show so special is all the small intricacies and how everybody ties in together," Whitman said when asked about her hopes and dreams for the big screen version. "To me it would be a grand finale fireworks thing if everybody somehow found this big connection and I definitely know that Mitch [Hurwitz] is extremely talented and will find a way to do that."

So what has she heard about her role in the film and how many days will she be filming?

"All I know that I can say is that wild horses couldn't keep me away."

We won't know for a while whether Ann makes a big appearance in the movie or new season, but in the meantime, look for Whitman's wonderful performance as part of the "special souls" in future hit, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

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