Jeremy Renner Shows Off In First 'Bourne Legacy' Clip

Renner Bourne

We're not sure if you've heard by now, but there was never just one.

Thus far, the ad campaign for "The Bourne Legacy" has been shouting "Matt Damon? Never heard of the guy" throughout each trailer and poster, but a new clip (via IGN) from the upcoming action sequel makes us think that they may be on to something.

Check out the first clip from "The Bourne Legacy" after the jump!

It's perfectly clear from the clip that Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross can hold his own in the world of amnesiac superspies. He's proficient in special Bourne skills like running away from police, escaping confided buildings, and jump from roof to roof.

But as this is a new star, Cross should have a unique talent. Behold the wall sliding ability!

Consider us optimistically curious about "The Bourne Legacy." The series has a flawless record with scripts from Tony Gilroy, so it's really just up to Renner to convince us there really was never just one.

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