Matt Damon On Rejoining 'Bourne': 'It's All About The Script'

The Bourne Legacy

Matt Damon might have been at Comic-Con to promote "Elysium," but he couldn't seem to get away from one major shadow from his past. The actor isn't starring in "The Bourne Legacy," though recently we found out that there might be room for him to return to the franchise that he made a hit. Now all people want to know is if he'd be interested in doing that.

“Look, I’ve been interested in doing another one for five years,” Damon told Crave Online. “We just can’t figure out the script. I’m up for it, but again it’s all about the script, It’s got to be a good one."

That reiterates what he's said in the past, and Damon went on to make similar statements to

"I really want to do another one and I think Paul Greengrass does too," he said, "But I think it's the same question we've had after each one. If we really feel we can do it and that it will deserve to live with the other three that we did. If we can make one where we go into it feeling it can be even better than those, and it ends up being in that same ballpark, then we should do it. But If we can't, then we really should leave it alone."

E! Online also spoke to Damon about the project, and he gave them an answer from a different angle. "The Bourne Legacy" has a new star (Jeremy Renner) and a new director (Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three), so Damon thinks there might not be room for him to return.

"I think the movie will be really good," Damon said of "The Bourne Legacy." "Tony [Gilroy] is really smart, he's a really good writer and a really good director and I'm sure he made a good movie. The question will be if they can franchise that movie, because if they can, then they'll be done with me. They'll just keep making those."

Somehow we doubt that anyone at Universal would turn down the opportunity to have a "Bourne" film team up Renner and Damon, but he does make a valid point. Even though producer Frank Marshall has said it's his dream to see the two of them onscreen together, we might need to wait several more years before that happens.

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