'Finding Nemo' Sequel Actually Happening With Director Andrew Stanton

Finding Nemo

By Meg Malone

Let the happy memories of swimming along with Marlin and Dory (well, minus a few perils of the ocean here and there) come flooding back, because there's some exciting news on the Pixar front. In an exclusive report, Deadline confirmed that Andrew Stanton will be back for the sequel to the 2003 underwater adventure, "Finding Nemo."

Stanton directed and also co-wrote the screenplay for the original "Finding Nemo," which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. He later directed "Wall-E," which also earned an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and more recently, Stanton directed the live-action "John Carter," which premiered in March but unfortunately wasn't as hot a box office commodity as was hoped.

Deadline reported that the studio is said to be impressed with the concept Stanton has for the "Finding Nemo" sequel — though, Deadline also noted that when it comes to development, Pixar doesn't provide comments. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in addition to Stanton joining the sequel as the director, the film will also be written by Victoria Strouse and produced by Lindsey Collins, and there is a potential 2016 theatrical release.

Spoiler Alert: Nemo was found by the end of the first movie, so we're wondering what direction this new project may take. I'm hoping we won't have to completely re-live the stress of Nemo's disappearance for a second time for the sake of avoiding emotional trauma. In any case, the ocean is a pretty big place, so we're sure something good will be dreamed up for our aquatic friends.

If you absolutely cannot wait for the sequel, fear not because as Deadline reminded us in their report, this September, "Finding Nemo" will be getting a 3-D theatrical re-release. I would love if some sort of marketing push was done to make 3-D goggles instead of 3-D glasses. Let's get that petition started!

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