Exclusive 'Three Stooges' Featurette Heads To 'Jersey Shore'

High jinks lovers are in luck because today marks the release of "The Three Stooges" on DVD and Blu-Ray. To celebrate the occasion, we are pleased to present a featurette clip courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment from the DVD/Blu-Ray, featuring some familiar members of the MTV family.

In the movie, we find Chris Diamantopoulos's character, Moe — one-third of the titular Stooge trio — joining the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore." Moe may have received his very own "Jersey Shore" inspired nickname ("Dyna-Moe"), however as the featurette clip reminds us, the arrangement is hardly smooth sailing for everyone involved.

This behind-the-scenes look from "The Three Stooges" special features lets viewers get a peek at "Jersey Shore" cast working on the movie, and fans also have a chance to hear from directors/co-writers Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly who comment on the positive experience they had working with the reality TV cast.