'After Earth' Viral Video Chronicles End Of The World Via Facebook

After Earth

By Meg Malone

When the official plot synopsis for "After Earth" came out earlier this month, we learned the film will tell the story of teenager Kitai (Jaden Smith) who is trying to save his father, the renowned General Cypher Raige (real-life dad Will Smith) after the two crash on a planet Earth that was abandoned a millennium earlier.

Now with a new viral video out for the M. Night Shyamalan film, we get some early back story on the lead up to this Earth abandonment. According to Deadline, the video was shown at the "After Earth" Comic-Con panel on Saturday, and now the viral video is up on the official "After Earth" website (thanks to ComingSoon.net for the tip). The video begins its tale way back in 1908 with a mysterious spaceship crashing on Earth, and from there details the ancestry of the Raige family and where they fit into the technological advancements and eventual environmental destruction that led to an evacuation of the deteriorating planet.

In the video, the last dated post is from February 2070 and is titled "Earth Uninhabitable." This leaves what happened in the thousand years since the evacuation still a mystery. What does regular life look like now for Cypher and Kitai? Considering the lengthy line of Raige influence, should we expect more family history or secrets to make their way out over the course of the movie as well?

And finally on a note of pure triviality, is anyone else curious what the four new notifications could be on the teaser's Facebook page? Maybe one is an event invitation letting them know that "After Earth" is set for a June 7, 2013 theatrical release.

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