Comic-Con: Ten Things We Learned At The 'Breaking Bad' Panel

Breaking Bad

By Tyler Christian

For a show as both critically and commercially successful as AMC's "Breaking Bad," it was only a matter of time before it made its mark at a place like San Diego Comic-Con. It's one of those rare shows that has managed to become progressively better each season to a point where it's been considered the best show on television today. After season 4 ended with a huge bang (and "ding"), season 5 is right on the horizon, and these are the ten biggest things I learned at this illustrious debut panel.

1. Before the panel started, the Comic Con exclusive season 5 trailer was shown to the crowd, which featured riveting footage from both the past and forthcoming seasons of the show.

2. Creator Vince Gilligan asked the crowd if they think that Walter White has fully transformed into Heisenberg. The response was full of silence, and I swear I heard a cricket chirp in the midst of it. As for me, I definitely agree with the crowd's reaction.

3. Gilligan also took the time to acknowledge that Walt's cancer will certainly not be forgotten for the final two seasons.

4. Anna Gunn said that Skyler's lack of knowledge for how deep Walt's business reputation is won't prevent her from protecting the family alongside Walt.

5. Jonathan Banks said that he thinks that Mike doesn't always have things in control like the viewer supposes he does, and has also been "lost" for years because of his past.

6. Bryan Cranston explained that the Gus Fring storyline has helped create an even bigger ego for Walt, to a point where the character hopes to take over the entire crystal meth drug trade of the southwestern United States.

7. Cranston also went on to say that the season premiere is more "intellectual" than shockingly violent compared to the last season's premiere, but also praised the approach for being just as captivating and compelling.

8. In addition, Cranston hyped up the crowd by proclaiming that the opening teaser for the season premiere is "the most revealing one yet" in the show's history.

9. Aaron Paul teased the supposed best line of the season premiere, which was [SPOILER] "Magnets, bitch!"

10. In response to a fan question, Bryan Cranston stated that his favorite episodes of the show are the "Pilot" and "4 Days Out." Paul on the other hand couldn't choose a specific episode, but he said his favorite scene in the show was the ending fight between Walt and Jesse from the season 4 episode "Bug."