'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Conquers Comic-Con

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" started Comic-Con off with a bang Thursday, and we were there to capture most of it.

The stars of the film stopped by MTV News headquarters in full force for our two hour live stream, and they dished plenty of fun teases for the upcoming movie. Kristen Stewart in particular said that she was most excited to finally be playing a vampire, and Robert Pattinson agreed that she did a great job in her role.

"You're used to vampires behaving a certain way, [but] it feels fresh for her," he said. "And just seeing the little differences, what she decided to do with the transformation [is interesting]."

Stewart said that she is most looking forward to fans seeing the scene where she goes on her first hunt as a vampire. Appropriately, Summit played that scene among others during their Hall H presentation, and it was as great as Stewart had promised. Though it's a bit different than the way the sequence played out in the book, it does end with Bella killing a mountain lion, so needless to say it's pretty freaking badass.

This isn't the first we've seen of the "Twilight" stars this convention. Wednesday night they showed up to surprise the fans waiting in line for their panel and hung around for a bit.

"It's an incredible feeling," Jackson Rathbone said. "I just had this really wonderful girl from Hawaii hand me a gift bag and very sincerely with tears in her eyes said, 'Thank you for the last five years.' That kind of hit home. It's been five years of making all of these people happy with these films and these characters that they've really come to love. It just fills my heart with gratitude."

The stars also opened up about the death of "Twilight" fan Gisela Gagliardi several days before in San Diego.

"The great thing about our fans is that they're such a unit, and they're so supportive of each other. You can really see the love when you see them in groups together," Ashley Greene said. "I think they should keep on doing what they're doing and love and support each other and look at things as positively as possible. I think that everyone is giving their thoughts and love to her and her family."

Are you bummed this is "Twilight's" last year at Comic-Con? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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