'Arrested Development' Begins Shooting In Four Weeks

Development is no longer arrested, people. Jason Bateman announced yesterday via Twitter that filming will finally, finally, finally begin on the fourth season of "Arrested Development," in just four weeks.

“All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!” the man we like to know as Michael Bluth wrote.

He included the above image with the tweet, which shows Bateman, show creator Mitch Hurwitz and series executive producer/narrator Ron Howard looking pretty darn pleased with themselves. We're guessing that they're grinning because "Arrested Development" will be back soon, but it could be because one of them just blue himself.

Howard also tweeted his own picture from "AD mission control" that showed Hurwitz walking around in the writers' room. It sort of looks like all those plotline cards are color-coded by character, but our eyesight (and the picture quality) isn't good enough to see what could possibly be written on them.

"Arrested Development for Netflix. IT'S ALIVE. This is what the writer's room looks like," Howard tweeted.

We don't know much about season four of "Arrested Development," but we do know enough. The 10-episode-long season will likely not lead up into a movie like Hurwitz had originally hoped, but instead will potentially be followed by future seasons. Netflix will air the episodes all at once on their streaming website instead of spreading them out over two and a half months. And though each episode won't focus on an individual character, we can at least promise the return of Bob Loblaw.

What are you hoping to see most in the fourth season of "Arrested Development"? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!