Bryan Cranston To Direct An Upcoming 'Breaking Bad' Episode

Breaking Bad

Things are going to get much worse for Walter White on "Breaking Bad" before they get better. Fortunately, the same thing can't be said for the man who plays him, Bryan Cranston. Between the upcoming season five premiere of AMC's hit drama to his two movies—"Argo" and "Total Recall"—that will be released later this year, Cranston is at the top of his game.

Now he's going to be returning to the directing chair, as well. In a new interview with CBS News, Cranston said he'll be directing episode nine of season five, which will be the first new episode in 2013 after "Breaking Bad"'s mid-season break. Cranston has already directed the premiere episodes for seasons two and three, so we're stoked to see him taking up that duty one final time for this show.

"As an actor on the show it's really, really difficult—if you're in it a lot obviously—to be able to prep so I take opportunities before we're actually in production shooting," Cranston said in the interview. He wouldn't share much about what happens during season five, but he did tease Walter White's mindset, saying, "He's feeling very basic things: control, power, dominance. Those things and those ugly factors have come to the surface."

Those are factors we've already seen teased in the clip, trailer and featurette released for this season of "Breaking Bad." But while we assumed that much of Walt's conflict will be with his brother-in-law Hank, it seems like he might be having some more problems with his meth-dealing partner Jesse Pinkman as well.

Aaron Paul, who plays Pinkman, said that Jesse isn't happy with the way his partner has changed since season one. "There's something else that is driving Mr. White now. It's not just making money. It's something else," he said.

"Breaking Bad" returns to cable on July 15.

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