'Indiana Jones' Blu-ray Set Gets Very Convincing Trailer

Indiana JonesBy Meg Malone

Everyone's favorite archaeologist-action-star is coming back in a high-definition way. The upcoming "Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures" is a Blu-Ray release of all four films starring Harrison Ford as the titular hero and will be available on September 18.

A new trailer for the collection revisits scenes from the films and dishes what viewers can find among the discs of this new collection. If bonus features are your thing, then you'll be pleased to know that the trailer promises there's seven hours worth of them to be found here, including additional footage and behind-the-scenes looks on set. The trailer reveals that "The Complete Adventures" will also include new special features only to be found in this collection.

Sit-down interviews with Ford and director Steven Spielberg are briefly sampled in the trailer, so it'll be interesting to see who else may pop up to share their memories of putting together these films.

Finally, the trailer also gives a "before and after" glimpse at how the franchise's first film, "Raiders of the Lost Ark", has been fully restored from its original 35 mm negatives. Maybe I'm a sucker for technology magic, but it is pretty cool to see the quality difference as that cursor moves across the frame.

Will snakes in full restoration be even more frightening for Indiana Jones? Guess we will have to wait until September 18 to find out.

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