'Breaking Bad' Featurette Previews 'Crazy' Season Five

Breaking Bad

The premiere for the fifth season of "Breaking Bad" is but a few short days away. If you aren't already primed with uncontrollable excitement for the further adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, a new featurette from AMC (via Collider) has enough interviews with Vince Gilligan and the cast to make the wait almost unbearable.

So if your head is exploding with anticipation like ours are, take a look at the full featurette after the jump!

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information about the upcoming season comes from creator Vince Gilligan, who says that this year we will actually see Walt winning. Always the lovable loser, the idea of Walter actually becoming good at evil is a possibility too sweet to wrap our heads around.

We are now seeing the beginning of the end. The story of "Breaking Bad" was always described by Gilligan as one where the hero becomes a villain. At the end of last season, we saw the fruits of that transformation when Walt blew up a nursing home and poisoned a child. (Yeah, it does seem a lot worse when put that way.)

"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC on July 15.

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