Exclusive Sam Raimi's 'The Possession' Poster Has Evil Inside

Possession Poster

Few people know how to do on-screen demonic possession quite like the master of horror Sam Raimi, and his latest producer's credit seems poised to freak us out in the best way possible.

As part of our lead-up to Comic-Con, we have an exclusive look at a new poster from Sam Raimi's "The Possession."

Check out the full poster after the jump!

"Sam Raimi's The Possession" is based on the true story of a mysterious box of Hebrew origins that unfortunately comes into the lives of a family. The father, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, becomes concerned when his young daughter grows attached to the box for unknown reasons.

Possession Poster

Eventually this leads to the reveal of a demon that, as the poster describes, "doesn't fear God."

Sam Raimi's "The Possession" hits theaters on August 31.

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