Did Karl Urban Spoil Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Star Trek' Role?

Benedict Cumberbatch

There's a lot we know about J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel, and a lot we don't. Firmly in that latter category is the identity of the film's villain. Many people think it's Khan, others predict an entirely new character, and still others believe… well, a whole lot of things.

But perhaps the mystery is finally over. Perhaps we finally know who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in the upcoming "Trek" flick — and it's all thanks to Karl Urban's loose lips.

Possible spoilers beyond the break!

SFX recently interviewed Urban for his work in "Dredd," and asked what it was like having Cumberbatch as part of the cast. "He's awesome, he's a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary," was his answer.

In the original TV series, Gary Mitchell is an old friend of Kirk's from their training days. He comes into possession of dangerous telepathic abilities and poses a serious threat to the Enterprise crew. It's a classic "Trek" story, one that could work brilliantly for the big-screen — if any of this is true, that is.

Did Urban slip up and accidentally reveal some intel? Or was he just playing the game, further fueling the already torturous rumor cycle surrounding Cumberbatch's character? Don't forget that just a few weeks ago, screenwriter Roberto Orci made it clear that Mitchell is not in the "Trek" sequel. So who do you believe — the writer, the actor, both, neither? Lay out your theories and thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!