Winter Comes To A Galaxy Far Away In Dailies!

Star Wars Game of Thrones

Doesn't it feel like the internet is getting a little too obvious with its "Star Wars" mash-ups? Of course they're going to add lightsabers to "Game of Thrones"! Work harder, internet!

Also, Aaron Cross runs, and Santa Claus teams up with the Easter Bunny in today's Dailies!

» "The Rise of the Guardians" sounds like a movie we imagined when we were 4. We mean this in the best way possible. [YouTube]

» Joe Wright's 'Anna Karenina' gets a new, foreshadow-y poster. [Moviefone]

Anna Karenina
» The "Total Recall" remake now has a AR game online for you to explore and submit your Facebook information to. [Welcome to Rekall]

» Internet Math: Something popular + Lightsabers = Gold [Vulture]

» The official trailer for "The Loneliest Planet" is officially creepy. [/Film]

» The newest poster for "The Bourne Legacy" mixes it up a bit. This time, he's running. []

Bourne Legacy
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