'Spider-Man,' 'Savages,' And More: Double Feature Friday!

500 Day of Spider-Man

An odd holiday release schedule broke this week's programming into three different openings for three different movies, but as we head into the weekend, MTV Movies Blog has your movie pairings for everything that came out this week.

Read on for this week's Double Feature Friday!

"The Amazing Spider-Man" & "(500) Days of Summer"

These two films don't play well together simply because Marc Webb directed both of them. The shared quality does, however, explain the more important aspect that they share. I wrote about it briefly in my review of "The Amazing Spider-Man," but Webb's only two feature films contain two of the most emotionally honest and unabashedly cute movie romances of the last few years. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's on-screen chemistry will definitely stir up any left over feelings you may have for the days when Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Tom and Zooey Deschanel's Summer first met.

"Savages" & "Band of Outsiders"

Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, and Aaron Johnson are far from the first cinematic ménage à trois to turn to violence. Jean-Luc Godard made that cool all the way back in 1964 with "Bande à part." The movie follows two buddy criminals who fall for the same girl. Jealousies come to a head while the trio plans to rob the young lady's own house. The French New Wave film became a huge influence on later generations of filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino, who named his production company after Godard's movie.

"Katy Perry: Part of Me" & "The Last Waltz"

There are few concert films as essential as Martin Scorsese's documentary about The Band's final performance. Not only did "The Last Waltz" revolutionize the way filmmakers capture concerts, but the show's line-up alone merits at least one viewing. Where else are you going to see the original line-up for The Band, Bob Dylan, Neils Young and Diamond all together on one stage?

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