'Taken 2' International Trailer Makes Us Never Want To Travel Again

Taken 2

"Your mother and I are about to be taken."

Those are likely the last words that Kim Mills (Maggie Grace) ever wanted to hear again, but they're the ones we've been desperate for ever since "Taken" hit theaters in 2008. Now Liam Neeson is back for more as Bryan Mills, and this time he's the one who's getting kidnapped. A new international trailer for "Taken 2" has hit the web (via ComingSoon.net), and has got us counting down the days until October 5.

What's interesting about "Taken 2" is the fact that it's premise makes a lot of sense for the film franchise, and that it's villains are justified. Bryan killed a whole lot of people in "Taken," so it makes sense that their families would want revenge the same way he did in the first film. Granted, those men he killed ran prostitution rings and sold women like cattle, but they were still people (we guess).

The marketing campaign for "Taken 2" is very self-aware and that seems like it will bode well for the finished product. Neeson elevates this film to being so much cooler than it would be otherwise, and everything we've seen for this movie has played off that idea. We love the opening sequence with the happy, family-oriented music that quickly shifts to a more foreboding score. This is not your typical family vacation movie. In fact, "Taken 2" could make you never want to leave the country again.

"Taken 2" spins the franchise's premise on its head when its up to Kim to help her father and mother escape from the Albanian kidnappers who captured them. And of course those criminals are sort of right to seek revenge, as they're the parents of the many men Bryan Mills brutally murdered for kidnapping his daughter in the first "Taken." It seems as though much car-flipping, gun-shooting and building-jumping will ensue.

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