'Savages' Stars Put To Test In 'Know Your Savages' Quiz

Odds are that if you've seen a "Savages" trailer, poster or TV spot for Oliver Stone's new ensemble crime thriller, you're well aware that there is a lot going on in this film. There's a star-studded cast, lots of drugs, lots of blood, lots of violence.

In the week leading up to the film's release, we've already covered some of the film's serious subjects, like the stars' thoughts on the film's gratuitous violence and equal opportunity nudity, as well as the leading ladies' argument for why their characters are both motivated by love, not war.

As such, we thought we'd end the week on a humorous note and prep a little quiz for stars Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and John Travolta to see how familiar they were with other Savages in pop culture. The results were entertaining, to say the least.

Here's a list of our questions, followed by the guys' responses and the correct answer, where needed.

Question 1: His nickname was The "Macho Man"

Kitsch jumped in right away with the right answer for this one: "Randy Savage!" he said, with both Johnson and Travolta looking puzzled.

Question 2: This is a pop music duo from Australia whose hits included “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “I Want You”

(My not-so-softly whispered hint to the guys, since they were stumped: "'Savage' is in every answer," which was met with playful sarcasm.

"Oh I got that," Kitsch said sarcastically. "Thanks for that."

Answer: Savage Garden

"Savage Garden! That’s what I was gonna say," Travolta said, with a reaction that indicated the answer might have been on the tip of his tongue.

Question 3: He got his start on "The Wonder Years," and is now a director of TV shows

Kitsch and Travolta both nailed this one: "Fred Savage!"

(We can give Johnson a pass on this one, since he's a Brit and young-ish, so there's a good chance he's been blissfully unaware of all of these "Savages" until now)

Question 4: This last one is a wildcard; this company is the #1 biggest non-government sanctioned arms dealer in the nation.

(This really was a random one, but Johnson gets points for offering up the word “savage.”)

Answer: Savage Arms

"We didn’t do well at all," Travolta said.

"Well, [we got] 50%," Kitsch pointed out. "We passed."

What did you think of the "Know Your Savages" quiz? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!