Batman Grabs A Slice In Dailies!

Defective Comics

Deep down inside, Bruce Wayne is just a normal guy, who has to occasionally go to IKEA just like the rest of us. In a new series of illustrations, Daniel Danger and Olly Moss are proving just that.

Also, Matthew McConaughey tells a story, and learn if we're crazy in today's Dailies!

» In this "Killer Joe" clip, Matthew McConaughey tells a story about a man who set his genitals on fire. [/Film]

» The three leads from "Savages" break down their characters in this new featurette from the film. [YouTube]

» The new 3-D "Simpsons" short playing in front of "Ice Age: Continental Drift" gets the world's shortest trailer. [EW]

» This supercut poses the question "Are you crazy?" It does not answer it though. [Vulture]

» Get ready for the "Fringe"-"Adjustment Bureau" crossover you've been waiting for! [EW]

Fringe Poster

» Of course, Tom Marvolo Riddle didn't come up with "I am Lord Voldemort" right away. [reddit]

Voldemort Names

» Graphic artists Daniel Danger and Olly Moss are creating a series of mundane Batman appearances. [Defective Comics]

Defective Comics

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