Tom Cruise Gets Real Tough For 'Jack Reacher' Trailer

Jack Reacher

It may come as a surprise, given the events of the past few days, but Tom Cruise is actually more than a famous three-time divorcee. He's also a working actor.

Cruise's latest action offering is an adaptation of Lee Child's "One Shot" and features the author's most famous recurring character, the massive drifter/vigilante Jack Reacher. While the film's creators may have downgraded the stature of Reacher for Cruise, all of the ass-kicking is still in place.

Check out the first full trailer (via Yahoo! Movies) for "Jack Reacher" after the jump!

We've watched the trailer a few times now, and we're a little confused. Director Christopher McQuarrie of "Usual Suspects" fame made the Nobel Prize-worthy casting choice of Werner Herzog as the film's main bad guy. Yet, no matter how many times we watch this first preview, we can't for the life of us find Herzog anywhere in the trailer.

Why would anyone do something so cruel?

Anyway, the lack of Herzog is probably just a way to keep our attention for at least one more trailer. This first preview introduces us to Reacher and his tough guy ways. A man in a hospital bed does a good job at laying down enough exposition that we learn that Reacher was once a cop that has now gone rouge, taking the law into his own hands.

Plus, he's got a sweet ride. The trailer largely focuses on Cruise's car, and then it shifts to bring attention to how scary Tom Cruise can be to a group of thugs.

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