Michael Fassbender Stars In Christopher Nolan's James Bond Fan Trailer

Fassbender Bond

A video making the rounds on movie blogs today imagines what a James Bond movie would be like if it starred Michael Fassbender with Christopher Nolan behind the camera. That specific combination has been a favorite of theorists since Empire ran its "Dark Knight Rises" story.

Nolan said that he stood by his previous ambitions to direct a 007 movie, but for him, it all comes down to timing. "It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things," he told the magazine.

Most took that ambiguous quote to mean that Nolan wouldn't consider making a James Bond movie until he could start from scratch with a new actor in the lead. Curiously, anytime someone suggested an actor from Nolan's take on the superspy, Fassbender's name would crop up.

You can check out the fan-made trailer after the jump!

We can't help but agree that the combination of Nolan and Fassbender seems like an inspired choice for any movie, especially a Bond film, but we're not so sure that Nolan needs to wait around for a new actor to take his crack at the character

With "Skyfall," Daniel Craig will get his third chance at playing one of the most famous characters in movie history. This will be his chance to really decide what kind of Bond he'll be and whether "Quantum of Solace" was a fluke. As enticing as the Fassbender-Nolan theory is, let's enjoy this Bond while we still have him around.

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